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2019 comes to a close

This year has been huge for Boundless Awareness. Thank you to our wonderful 2019 clients who really allowed us to challenge their staff, build awareness and design the tools to foster inclusion.

In just three years, Boundless Awareness has trained over 1500 people from global institutions to small non-profit organizations to university faculty. Through our interactive workshops we are building awareness one person at a time. Deepening our understanding of our own power and privilege and how we can inadvertently uphold systems of oppression or conversely, help to stop oppression within our communities. All of which moves us closer to broadening inclusion and creating more equality and equity.

We at Boundless Awareness, are always doing the deep work on our own awareness as well so we can continue improving ourselves. We go through our own exercises often so that we come into our workshops with humility and the desire to learn with others. It’s hard and scary work but it is so important. It means we are connecting ourselves to the history of this country and the world and attempting to move the needle forward to create a better society for everyone.

A few tips as we head into the new year. When you hear something offensive at work but aren’t sure how to respond, try keeping these in your back pocket:

As a bystander: “What do you mean?”

As the recipient: “Ouch! Is what you meant to say [x]?”

As the speaker: “Oops, that is not what I meant. Let me start again.”

As we sail into 2020, we are grateful for this work and our clients. We look forward to building more bridges and facilitating deeper understanding, compassion and true inclusion.

All the best for 2020!

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