Why Boundless Awareness

Founder and Facilitator, Pooja Kothari, has the unique ability to uncover your blindspots and show how our unconscious bias seeps into our day-to-day language, attitudes and, ultimately, decision making. Once we find our blindspots, we make better decisions for our clients, our colleagues and our entire organization. Whatever your needs and goals are around unconscious bias, let Boundless Awareness take your company where it needs to go!


We organize workshops tailored to your company needs and group size.

"It's not like teaching political correctness, it's more like creating awareness. Because many of our assumptions come from lack of awareness rather than from lack of care."

 Marc Boone

 Teacher at DreamYard Project &  Seminar Participant

Every day we make and witness hundreds of decisions that affect the people around us, whether they are our support staff, clients, or colleagues.  Which hidden bias influences you when:

  • You decide on a new hire or promotion?

  • You  either discipline an employee or forgive the mistake?

  • You navigate your way through an uncomfortable situation in the workplace?

How do you find the “right words” to connect and build community with your team?

Boundless Awareness participants will learn about unconscious bias, where it comes from and how to start unlearning and interrupting it. Pooja will lead the group through fun, realistic and practical exercises that facilitate a deeper understanding of our own biases, help participants decode coded language and leave everyone inspired to effect change.

As our country moves towards speaking more openly about the existence of unconscious bias, there is an expectation that our leading firms understand it and know how to address it when it inevitably arises. We have no choice but to interact within the complexity of bias and yet the language to express ourselves around it is often elusive.

That’s why Boundless Awareness workshops are designed  to help everyone get comfortable with the uncomfortable.


"One of the best training sessions I have ever attended."   

"Pooja's demeanor is calming."  

"Great facilitation. I like Pooja's benevolent leadership. Thanks for the space to resolve and grow."

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