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03 - Speaking Engagements



Boundless Awareness crafts engaging talks that fit your needs. Whether you need to hear about anti-oppression, unconscious bias, or even hold a discussion on identity-based privilege, Boundless Awareness will captivate your audience. 


our approach

We work with you to pinpoint your key themes for the talk, and then work on crafting a narrative.

We 60-90 minute talks. You can choose a general unconscious bias talk, you can model the talk after one that Pooja has given before, or you can ask for something totally different. We will work together to build the right talk for your audience. 


Indigent Legal Services Family Matters Conference

Plenary speaker for the Statewide NYS Family Matters Conference. 2-hour speaking event for over 250 attendees.

Topic: unconscious bias in Family Court legal practice

American Society of Civil Engineers Panel Discussion

Panellist speaker. 

35 attendees

Topic: a panel discussion on bias in engineering.

UPA - Uptown Progressive Action Forum on White Privilege

40 attendees

Topic: White privilege and activism.

Global Strategy Group

90-minute speaking event for over 80 attendees. 

Topic: introduction to unconscious bias speaking event for 80 attendees.

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