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We build a more equitable society by providing experiential anti-oppression education for all levels of awareness.

Our interactive education and facilitation methods are customized to fit your staff, the organizational culture, and your awareness levels.

We don't have any one-size-fit-all or off-the-shelf modules. Everything we do is designed from scratch to meet your needs.


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our services can meet you wherever you are in your anti-oppression journey

Customized Workshops

Workshops are customized to meet your needs. This is possible due to this through our informational interview process. With the info from those interviews, we build content for the workshops that is precise for the level your company is at.

1-on-1 Consulting

Boundless Awareness offers 1-on-1 consults for senior leaders looking for a private, confidential space where they can examine and refine their own language. We will craft a personalized coaching program for you.

Speaking Events

Hosting an event for 200, 500, 1000 people? Invite Pooja to speak and receive an interactive presentation that will engage your audience and leave them feeling inspired to effect change.


a few words from our founder,
Pooja Kothari, ESQ.

Pooja's blend of humor and understanding makes participants feel at ease and open to learning.

Her wealth of experience in confronting bias and creating dialogue, stems from her professional experience as a Public Defender at The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Practice.

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