02 - One-on-One Consulting

Individual Consulting

Boundless Awareness offers 1-1 consults for senior leaders looking for a private, confidential space to examine and refine their own language. Once leaders are awakened to the power of their language, they will feel empowered and equipped to approach these conversations with confidence.

our approach

We offer a direct, honest, and no-nonsense approach in a private, confidential space.

We work through your sticking points; define vocabulary; practice using concepts such as identity, privilege, and power in professional settings; and interrupt oppressive language and behaviour that could be leading to harmful outcomes. We start with where you are, and we grow from there.

the program

We start with a one-hour consult so I can quickly assess the challenges and obstacles and come up with a plan. I’ll then craft a personalized coaching program for you.

During this program you will:  

develop a fluency of inclusion in your language

understand your role in building inclusion

develop phrases/sentences you can keep in your toolkit

develop phrases/sentences you can keep in your toolkit

identify microaggressions and gain strategies to explain and address them

identify ways to impact inclusion initiatives in your organization

Cultivate the ability to assess your language and say what you mean.

Learn to authentically apologize for micro/macro aggressions.